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Jobs: National Department of Transport


SALARY:  All- inclusive salary package of R1 689 750 – R 1 903 506 per annum of which 30% can be structured according to individual needs
CENTRE: Pretoria (Head Office)

REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must be in possession of a Bachelor Degree in Public Management (Administration) /Engineering/Transport Economics/ Transport Planning/  Commerce or an equivalent qualification at NQF level 7 and an appropriate postgraduate qualification at NQF level 8 (honours or equivalent) or higher as recognized by SAQA plus eight to ten (8-10) years’ relevant experience at a senior management and leadership position of which five (5) years must be must be with any organ of State • A relevant Master’s degree will be an added advantage. Strong and strategic and leadership  abilities • Extensive knowledge of Public Service Regulatory Frameworks and the Public Finance Management Act, Supply Chain Management and other relevant prescripts • Financial management skills • Understanding of change management •    Knowledge of management of service delivery innovations • Problem solving skills and analysis • Client and customer orientation • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written • Interpersonal and good networking skills • Analytical thinking and research skills • Computer literacy. The following will serve as strong recommendations: Ability to interact at both strategic and operational levels • The candidate must be • an effective manager and leader with a proven track record of managing a complex portfolio consisting of all modes of transport (Road, Rail, Maritime, Civil Aviation and Public Transport) • the ability to manage strategic tasks in the field of integrated planning, regulation and transport policy development in order to provide safe, reliable, sustainable and fully integrated transport systems and infrastructure across all modes of transport in South Africa • s/he must be conversant with current global and national trends as well as research issues and debates and have ability to convert policy into action • the ability to build and lead high performance teams that will drive the national transport policy, strategy and implementation that is responsive to the plans, human resource, skills requirements and overall developmental objectives of our country. S/he must have • the ability to promote good relations with stakeholders, social partners and civil society • strong administration skills and good understanding of the workings of Cabinet and Parliament would stand in good stead for this position.

DUTIES:  Render an effective, efficient strategic support and administrative services through the delivery of the Department's strategic goals by applying an integrated management programme approach which also includes the provision of international relation support to the DoT and its Agencies as well as ensuring corporate governance support and monitoring mechanisms for public entities • Oversee the integration of cross-modal transport planning and facilitate the development and transformation of the transport sector to maximise Transport’s role in economic growth through effective  research, monitoring the performance and impact of modal transport policies and strategies, managing macro sector planning within national and provincial governments, coordinating the formulation of environmental policies and strategies for all modes of transport • Manage the facilitation and coordination of the development and implementation of a safe, reliable and efficient integrated rail network through  the development and alignment of rail legislation, policies and strategies which are aligned to DoT strategic objectives and international norms and standards as well as providing guidance on the development of an integrated transportation system network by the development, maintenance and updating of infrastructure funding and coordinate funding needs of rail public entities with DoT performance management system • Provide leadership in the development and implementation of safe, reliable integrated road infrastructure network and passenger transport systems through the  development and implementation of policies, strategies, norms and standards, road engineering standards that will result in the creation of an efficient transport system by extending access to transport services, reducing travel times and cost, improving transport service quality, and promoting greater integration and co-ordination between transport modes • Ensure the regulation of road safety and traffic management through the implementation of sustainable and consistent road safety education programmes and traffic law enforcement operations • Ensure an effective civil aviation industry through planning and development of integrated aviation infrastructure network and operations with an effective international and regional regulatory framework and monitoring and evaluating the impact of aviation safety, security and environmental regulatory frameworks • Oversee the development and alignment of maritime legislation, policies and strategies with DoT strategic objectives and international norms to ensure the development and promotion of an integrated maritime infrastructure and industry through the effective implementation and managing of project “Operation Phakisa” •  Ensure the achievement of government objectives through building and strengthening relationships with other delivery partners, spheres of government and transport agencies • Actively participate in government clusters and interdepartmental structures aimed at facilitating and promoting the achievement of an integrated approach to delivery on government objectives and strategies • Support Cabinet and the Minister in the execution of the government’s programme of action • Compliance with all applicable legislation and in particular, the provisions of the Public Finance Management Act, Public Service Act and its Regulations and the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework.

ENQUIRIES:       Ms Khibi Manana 012 309 3000


DEPUTY DIRECTOR-GENERAL:  INTEGRATED TRANSPORT  PLANNING  Ref No: (DOT/HRM/2016/002) (Branch: Integrated Transport Planning)
SALARY: All-inclusive salary package of R1 299 501 per annum of which 30% can be structured according to individual needs
CENTRE: Pretoria (Head Office)

REQUIREMENTS: A degree in Civil Engineering, Transport Economics, Transport Planning, at NQF level 7 or equivalent and an appropriate postgraduate qualification at NQF level 8 (honours or equivalent) as recognized by SAQA plus eight to ten (8-10) years’ relevant experience at a senior management level. An relevant Master’s degree will be an added advantage. The following will serve as strong recommendations: Financial Management and Treasury regulations • Strategic Capability and Leadership • People Management and Empowerment • Project / Programme Management • Client Orientation and Customer focus • Change Management • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal).

DUTIES: Manage a national innovative research and development programme, monitor and evaluate the performance of the transport sector. Manage and conduct transport related research studies and provide strategic leadership in the development, implementation and management of transport innovation and technology for the transport sector. Coordinate the formulation and implementation of environmental policies and strategies for the transport sector. Ensure effective macro sector planning within national and provincial governments. Ensure that the National Transport Master Plan planning process is implemented, updated, realigned and reviewed every five (5) years. Facilitate integrated transport planning through macro planning, statutory instruments, policy and coordination   frameworks.  Oversee Sector Planning and Coordination process; oversee the development of Multi - modal transport planning modelling. Develop transport funding mechanisms and provide relevant economical advice. Manage the development of infrastructure finance mechanisms. Provide an economic modelling and macro analysis services. Promote the development and transformation of the transport sector. Coordinate and facilitate the development and implementation of transport strategies in the South African Development Communities (SADC) region and the continent. Enhance efficient flow of goods and people through the borders of the country. Facilitate good working relationship between South Africa and SADC operators. Facilitate efficient trade through the development of Regional Corridors. Manage the development and implementation of an integrated global logistic strategy and facilitate coordination between all the modes of transport. Develop an effective global logistics strategy and implement guidelines to put in place effective integrated freight platforms. Monitor modal logistics effectiveness and make recommendations to various modes of transport. Manage and control the Branch by ensure compliance with all administrative requirements, regulations, rules and instructions pertaining to the branch and department, establish and maintain governance and administrative system’s continuity within the work of the branch.

ENQUIRIES: Mr Mathabatha Mokonyama; Tel:( 012)  309 3000

(Branch: Road Transport  (Chief Directorate: Driving License card Account) All-inclusive salary package of R1 068 564 per annum of which 30% may be structured according to the individuals needs

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: A Bachelor of Commerce Degree at NQF 7 as recognised by SAQA and certified as Chartered Accountant CA (SA) plus six (6) - ten (10) years relevant experience of which 5 years must be at Senior Management level (SMS).

NOTE: The following will serve as recommendation:  Extensive knowledge of driving license legislation, Public Finance Management Act, Treasury Regulations • Knowledge of Road Traffic Legislation • Negotiation and problem solving • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal). Ability to Plan and implement strategies. Establish strong and appropriate relationships with committees, staff and stakeholders. Develops smooth and constructive relationships with executive colleagues, agencies of the department, DLTC’s and individuals.  Ability to plan and meet deadlines. Hours may be long and irregular. Convey a professional and positive image and attitude regarding DLCA.


DUTIES: THE SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATE WILL: Leading the development and implementation of the overall entity’s strategy and annual performance plan. Manage the licence production facility and provide strategic leadership of the entity, Develop and implement corrective measures to address poor performance of the entity in achieving strategic objectives • Quarterly and annual performance reporting on the achievement of trading entity strategic objectives and performance plan. Development and management of Budgets and forecasting • Financial management reporting i.e. monthly, quarterly, interim and annual financial reporting.  Ensure development and implementation of effective measures for collection of revenue. Develop asset management plan for all asset of the entity spread across all 9 provinces and monitor implementation. Support and motivate the entity’s staff Manage coordination with provincial representatives on trading entities operations directly affecting provinces and driving license testing centres • Communicate monthly and quarterly with driving license testing centers management • Establish effective governance structures of the entity and their terms of referenceEffective risk management by conducting risk assessment, developing risk mitigation plans and ensures implementation. Develop and implement effective fraud prevention strategy

Ensure good corporate governance of the entity i.e. develop effective systems of internal controls. Implement control measures to ensure that the entity complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Develop process for preventing irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure. Ensure that proper records management system is implemented by DLCA for all financial and non-financial information.

ENQUIRIES: Mr Chris Hlabisa; Tel:  (012) 309 3170

DIRECTOR: RISK MANAGEMENT (Ref. DOT/HRM/2016/12) (Administration (Office of the DG) (Chief Directorate: Strategic Planning and Cluster Coordination) (Directorate: Risk Management)

SALARY: All-inclusive salary package of R898 743 per annum of which 30% may be structured according to the individuals needs.
REQUIREMENTS: Appropriate Degree in Commerce or Risk Management at NQF 7 as recognised by SAQA coupled with five (5) years’ experience at Middle Management Level in auditing/risk practitioner.

NOTE:The following will serve as a recommendation: Knowledge of PFMA and Treasury Regulations; Knowledge of Financial Management and Provisioning administration; Public Service Anti-corruption Strategy and departmental anti-corruption measures; Medium Term Strategic Framework (government  priorities); Principles and Practice of risk management; Preferential procurement Policy Framework Act, 5 of 2000 (‘PPPFA”); National Treasury Risk Management Framework; Governance and accountability; Internal control and assurance; ERM concepts, framework and methodologies ; Risk environment; Risk Maturity Model (IRMSA); Risk Management policies and procedures; Risk Management principles and practice; Customer stakeholder relationship management Good communication skills (verbal and written); The candidate must be willing to work & travel beyond normal working hours.

DUTIES: The successful candidate will be responsible for: To develop, implement, manage and execute a comprehensive process for identifying, assessing, mitigating, monitoring and reporting on risk that impact on organisation performance: Develop, implement and maintain an Enterprise Risk management (ERM) framework and supporting policies; Assess and maintain the risk maturity profile of the organisation; Facilitate the identification, assessment & mitigation of risk utilizing appropriate tools and techniques; Facilitate the compilation of strategic and operational risk register; Report all relevant ERM matters including, findings, risk positions and recommendations to relevant stakeholders; Coordinate the activities of the Risk Management & Security Committee and perform the Secretarial function; Identify the relevant training needs for the risk management committee; Establish and maintain a risk management philosophy and culture within the organisation; Develop and facilitate the implementation of fraud prevention plan and anti-corruption strategy; Manage Human & Financial Resources.

ENQUIRIES: Ms L Lubisi ; Tel;  (012) 309 3893

DIRECTOR:  SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (Ref. DOT/HRM/2016/13) (Branch: Administration: Office of the Chief Financial Officer) (Chief Directorate: Chief Director: Financial Administration and Supply Chain Management) (Directorate: Supply Chain Management)

SALARY: All inclusive salary package R 898,743 per annum of which 30% can be structured according to individual needs.
CENTRE: Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS: A three year Bachelor’s Degree in a related field at NQF level 7 as recognised by SAQA. A postgraduate degree will serve as a strong recommendation. The incumbent must have at least five (5) years’ experience at middle management level or at senior management level in a Supply Chain Management environment.

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: In depth knowledge of the PFMA, Treasury Regulations, and PPPFA and Supply Chain Management prescripts is essential. The applicant must be computer literate with advanced skills in spreadsheets. Furthermore, he /she and must have analytical, problem-solving, communication (verbal and written), interpersonal, organisational, leadership, supervisory, people and financial management skills.

DUTIES: The incumbent will be required to develop and maintain (periodic reviews) supply chain management related policies, procedures and delegations, such as the SCM policy, Asset Management policy, Inventory policy, Disposal strategy, SCM frameworks, Demand Management strategy and Procurement delegations, and oversee and ensure the implementation of the policies, procedures and delegations. Annually develop and implement a Sourcing strategy and a Procurement Plan and maintain a record of bids awarded against the Procurement Plan. The incumbent will be responsible to manage and oversee three Sub-Directorates that are responsible for demand-, acquisition-, logistics-, disposal- and contract management. Major ongoing duties include:

Manage the bidding and acquisitioning processes, oversee the checking of bid specifications, invitation of bids, participation in bid evaluation committees and the award of bids. Manage the Logis section, the Logis commitments register on Logis and oversee payments to suppliers. Oversee the receipt of requests for quotations, the invitation, evaluation and award of quotations and the maintenance of the supplier’s database / utilisation of the central supplier’s database. Manage the acquisition, movement and disposal of assets, the physical verification of assets, and reconcile the asset register to transactions on the Basic Accounting System (BAS).

Oversee the management and reporting on contracts and the implementation of the contract management system. Ensure that all the required reports are reported to the National Treasury on a monthly basis.The incumbent will be a member of the Loss Control Committee and the Disposal Committee and shall be an advisor to the Bid Adjudication Committee. Assess staff capacity and ability to effectively perform their functions, compile performance agreements and provide guidance and support through training courses where necessary in consultation with the capacity development unit.

Ensure monitoring and evaluation is carried out throughout the Directorate. Manage the in-house training of Chief User Clerks in the Department. Prepare and submit reviews of strategic plans and annual performance plans in line with the Branch strategic plan and annual performance plan. Prepare and submit quarterly and annual reports on the performance of the Directorate.


CLOSING DATE:   12 December 2016

Applications received after the closing date will not be considered. Applicants who apply for more than one position are requested to submit separate applications for each position they wish to apply for.
Please note:  Correspondence will only be entered into with short-listed candidates.

Note:  All shortlisted candidates for the above posts will be subjected to undertake a technical exercise that intends to test relevant technical elements of the job, the logistics of which will be communicated to the candidates prior to the interviews. Recommended candidates will also be required to attend a generic managerial competency assessment after the interviews. The competency assessment will be testing generic managerial competencies using the mandated DPSA SMS competency assessment tools.

The successful candidate must disclose to the Minister particulars of all registrable financial interests, sign a performance agreement and employment contract with the Minister within three months from the date of assumption of duty.

The successful candidate must be willing to sign an oath of secrecy with the Department.  Applicants will be expected to be available for selection interviews and assessments at a time, date and place as determined by the Department.  An offer letter will only be issued to the successful candidate once the following has been verified: educational qualifications, previous experience, citizenship, reference checks and security vetting.

Applications must be accompanied by form Z.83, obtainable from any Public Service Department, (or obtainable at www.gov.za) and a recent updated comprehensive CV (previous experience must be comprehensively detailed, i.e. positions held and dates), as well as certified copies of all qualifications, ID document, service certificates of previous employers stating the occupation must also be submitted and attached for each application. Failure to submit the requested documents/information will result in your application not being considered.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to have foreign qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).  Due to large volume of responses anticipated, receipt of applications will not be acknowledged. Applications who do not receive confirmation or feedback within 3 (three) months after the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful.

The Department reserves the right not to fill the posts. No e-mail and faxed applications will be considered. It will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on date, time and place as determined by the Department.

NB:   Please forward your application, quoting the relevant reference number to:

The Department of Transport: Private Bag X 193, Pretoria, 0001 or hand deliver to Forum Building, Cnr Struben and Bosman Street, Pretoria for attention Recruitment Unit Room 4034.

Department of Transport is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer with clear employment equity targets. Preference will be given to those candidates whose appointment will assist the department in achieving its employment equity targets at specific levels in terms of the Department’s Employment Equity Plan (People with disabilities and Coloureds, Whites and Women of all races at Senior Management level).