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Another ‘Second Chance’ to get your matric

Due to immense interest in the mid-year examination offering, the Department of Basic Education (DBE) has extended the registration deadline to 18 February 2019.

The department said in a statement that it has been inundated with request from those who missed the January 31st deadline and still want to register.

“Learners who are still hoping to register for the Amended Senior Certificate (ASC) examinations or the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations need to visit their nearest district education office before the 18th of February to register,” the statement said.

DBE encouraged those who are interested to apply as soon as possible as the department will not be able to accommodate another extension of the registration period due to logistical reasons.

The examinations in question will sit in May/June 2019 and will give learners a Second Chance to get their matric certificate.

“This opportunity is for those learners who had previously failed their Matric, or perhaps only need to write on or two subjects to quality for their Matric. Also learners who want to improve their results are welcome to register as well.”

For learners who had previously dropped out of school and are now over 21 they need to present their Grade 9 results and they too can have a Second Chance opportunity to attain their matric results.

There are a number or study resources made available to assist those who want to take advantage of this opportunity through the Second Chance Matric Support Programme.

More information on the programme can be found on the DBE website: www.education.gov.za or from your district education office.