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March 2021 1st edition


The games on this page are not a competitions. They are only for fun, so don't send your answers to Vuk'uzenzele.

South Africa's bright and colourful flag is a well known sight at public places all over the country. It is also often seen in other countries where South Africa is represented like at sports events where our teams compete internationally. The South African national flag first flew on 10 May 1994 - the day Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as South Africa's first democratically elected president. This was two weeks after the country's first democratic elections on 27 April 1994.

What you should know about our flag

   I The country's flag must always be treated with dignity and respect.
    It must never hang upside down or be allowed to touch the ground or floor.
    An upside down flag is the traditional sign of surrender or if you are at sea, it is an international sign to show that a ship is in distress!
    When the flag is displayed horizontally, the black triangle should be to your left. The red band must be at the top and the blue band at the bottom. If the red band is at the bottom, the flag will be flying upside down.
    When draped vertically, the black triangle must be at the top and the red band on the left.
    The flag should be hoisted (raised) at the start of the working day and lowered again at or before sunset. It should not remain flying at night unless it is properly lit up.

Did you know?
The South African flag is the only six-coloured flag in the world

Odd One Out
All the words below are found on this page except one. Circle the odd one out
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Colour the flag & fill in the missing words