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Mpendulo ‘nuts’ about food processing

Written by Silusapho Nyanda

Miante Manufacturing is a nut processing business, operating out of the Bakery & Food Technology Incubator (BICSA) in Pretoria.Wendy Mpendulo with some of her nut products.

The business processes raw nuts and sells them to different markets.

Owner of Miante Manufacturing, Wendy Mpendulo, 42, says they produce different types of nut products by blending, caramelising and coating nuts with different ingredients.

 “Our products and packages are made of cashew, moringa, almond, macadamia and brazil nuts. We combine the nuts with raisins, flour and different types of seeds to make mixes that can be eaten for breakfast, during trail hiking or while running and as a healthy snack,” says Mpendulo.

The nuts are packaged by Miante Manufacturing and sold to locals and shops in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape. Mpendulo says their products have been approved by the South African Bureau of Standards.

Mpendulo started the business in 2016 after receiving advice from BICSA. At the time, she owned several food caravans that were not growing. On approaching the incubator for business advice they told her to rather look at starting a legacy business that will be sustainable in the long term.

She decided to venture into the nuts manufacturing business. Mpendulo says the incubator helped with advice on obtaining the certificates she needed to operate her business. BICSA also helped her register with the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa, which means her products have been allocated a barcode.

“BICSA also helped us formulate a proper bookkeeping system. They are also currently helping us source a new machine that will be used to roast nuts. The new machine will enable us to start making peanut butter,” says Mpendulo.

BICSA has availed its services to entrepreneurs who are willing to join their programme. The incubator’s services include:

  • business development
  • food technology services
  • skills development and training
  • a rural development programme 

For more information about the BICSA call 012 803 1222 or email info@bicsa.co.za