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Any early childhood development facility that intends to reopen when the green light is given needs to complete a reopening self-assessment form.

Although an official date for the reopening...

As South Africa steadily edges to its COVID-19 peak, President Cyril Ramaphosa has urged citizens not to be complacent and adhere to the regulations put in place. 


The business of manufacturing quality disposable nappies is one that not many black South Africans have considered. In fact, it is dominated by other races. 

This is what Shane Ngwenya,...

The Department of Social Development has appealed to people and organisations that work closely with children to report all cases of child abuse, neglect, abandonment and exploitation.


A Gauteng entrepreneur whose communications business was failing as a result of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) lockdown, has shown that innovation and adaptability can save the day.


As the celebration of African Traditional Medicine Week take place in August, Vuk’uzenzele takes a closer look at umhlonyane also know as lengana which has been very popular amongst South Africans in the wake of the coronavirus disease (COVID-
Some good news for moms-to-be is that their pregnancy will not make them more ill should they contract COVID-19 and they may still breastfeed. Pregnant women and unborn children are not at a greater risk of contracting or developing severe
Survivors of abuse must not feel they are being judged when they tell the police or other people what happened to them because this will make them unwilling to seek help.  This is according to the spokesperson for the Department of Social
An abused child is more likely to abuse others when they grow up, but this does not happen in all cases.  This is according to Shaheda Omar, the Director of Clinical Services at the Teddy Bear Foundation, who says that when children are
The Port of East London’s Sharon Sijako is one of three women captaining a commercial harbour in South Africa.  The 50-year-old, who was born in Mdantsane near East London, is the second female, after Jacqueline Brown, to be at the
The Department of Social Development (DSD) has put in place support programmes aimed at helping those live with disabilities through the era of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes access to psycho-social support from the department’s

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