Building a South Africa of our hopes

Written by Albert Pule
The money to move South Africa forward and speed up the improvement of our quality of life is in the bank.

Every year, April is the month in which government start to spend the Budget that the Minister of Finance shares with the nation shortly after the State of the Nation Address in February.

On February 25, Finance Minister Nene presented the Budget for 2015/16 to Parliament.

With our national Budget, government put its money where its mouth is.

Thanks to millions of South Africans who do their duty as citizens and pay their taxes, South Africa is becoming a bettor place in which to live, to do business or to visit.

The money that goes into government’s coffers finds its way into our lives, homes and communities through our Programme of Action which, between 2015 and 2019, is aiming to change South Africa for the better at a rate that is much higher than we experienced in the first 20 Years of Freedom.

The Budget for 2015/16 shows that our concern for the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society is at the heart of our Programme of Action.

We is a government that cares – and that is putting its cash behind its care.

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