June 2024 1st Edition

Leading in plant-based yoghurt

Written by Gabi Khumalo

After seeing his late mother struggling with health issues, Andile Sasanti was prompted to explore healthier lifestyle options for her. This led to the development of a vegetable-infused yoghurt.

Positioned as a lifestyle brand,  WELL N WELL embodies innovation and vibrancy,  setting trends in the plant-based sector.

Plant-based eating patterns focus on foods primarily from plants.

Born in Soweto and raised in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni, the 32-year-old entrepreneur said the quest for immune-boosting solutions led him to discover the uniqueness of fermented products.

During a period of unemployment, Sasanti dedicated time to research and self-education, utilising resources such as local libraries and online webinars from institutions, including the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology’s  free online library.

Sasanti added that he attended several webinars on fermented products. He was interested in yoghurt for the South African market.

“After trial and error experimentation, this knowledge acquisition journey culminated in the decision to venture into the production of vegetable-infused yoghurt,” Sasanti said.

Founded in 2018, WELL N WELL products were initially sold and distributed in Katlehong and Johannesburg.

The products include a variety of locally sourced vegetables in coconut yoghurt, which are used to enhance flavour and nutritional value.

“These include ingredients like spinach, cinnamon, and beetroot sourced from South African farms committed to sustainable agricultural practices.”

Sasanti said through continuous feedback and adaptation, WELL N WELL has evolved its product offerings, transitioning from sweetened to low-sugar and eventually unsweetened variants to align with changing consumer preferences.

“We prioritise natural sweetness. Our yoghurt is unsweetened, and it contains natural sweetness of coconut,” he said.

He attributes the WELL N WELL success to the support he received from The Innovation Hub,  which helped nurture his business and guided him on the right market for his business.

Partnerships with organisations such as Proudly South African and My Dough has also supported his brand and in positioning it to the right market.

WELL N WELL has employed two young people on a full-time basis, with plans to increase its workforce to five people by the end of this financial year.

The WELL N WELL products are currently being distributed in various restaurants, Super Spar supermarkets, independent health stores,  and catering companies around the Gauteng province.

“Future endeavours include, diversifying into coconut-derived products such as milk, ice cream, and oil, reflecting our commitment to promoting healthy living and environmental sustainability,” said an optimistic Sasanti.

WELL N WELL can be contacted at  hi@wellnwell.co.za for general queries, or 073 492 0752, Contact My Dough at admin@mydough.co.za. Office Time. Mon - Fri 8:00 - 5:00. Phone. 076 497 0761.

The Innovation Hub contacts: info@theinnovationhub.com Tel: +27 12 844 0000

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