Jan 2021 Edition

New strategy to stamp out corruption

Written by More Matshediso

A new PLAN to tackle corruption in South Africa was recently approved by Cabinet.

The new National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS) is set to help law enforcement agencies root out corruption.

This is according to the head of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) Advocate Andy Mothibi, whose organisation played a role in the strategy’s development. The SIU’s main job is to investigate allegations of corruption and collect evidence to build a case against perpetrators.

As one of the key law enforcement agencies under the Department of Justice and Correctional Services, Adv Mothibi says the SIU will help make sure that the strategy is properly implemented.

He says the strategy is the result of a countrywide consultation process with various sectors, including business, government and civil society.

The NACS covers six pillars, which include:

  • promoting and encouraging active citizenry,
  • whistle-blowing,
  • integrity and transparency,
  • advancing the professionalisation of employees,
  • enhancing governance in institutions, and
  • strengthening resourcing and coordination of performance and accountability.

“The strategy also speaks to the involvement of civil society and the prevention of corruption, which is very important when fighting against corruption,” he says.

“We have already started with some of the initiatives that play a role in preventing corruption. We have the Health Sector Anti-Corruption Forum and we have just had the inaugural meeting of the Local Government Anti-Corruption Forum. These forums include government representatives and civil society, and they cover the prevention side and the investigation side,” he explains.

How corruption affects the economy

Adv Mothibi says corruption negatively affects the economy of the country.

“Corruption in itself actually drains out the coffers of government unlawfully. As a result, government becomes unable to deliver on most of the critical areas that are meant for the improvement of the lives of ordinary citizens. This affects the livelihoods of the people, and if people’s lives are negatively affected, they cannot participate in economic activities,” he explains.

Report corruption on the SIU anonymous whistle-blower hotline at 0800 037 774 or email siu@whistleblowing.co.za   

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