Mar 2018 1st Edition

No place for corruption in SA

SONA 2018

South Africa must fight corruption, fraud and collusion in the private sector with the same purpose and intensity, said President Cyril Ramaphosa. “We will make sure that we deal with both in an effective manner.”

President Ramaphosa urged professional bodies and regulatory authorities to take action against members who are found to have acted improperly and unethically.

“This requires that we strengthen law enforcement institutions and that we shield them from external interference or manipulation.”

Adding that government will urgently attend to the leadership issues at the National Prosecuting Authority to ensure that this critical institution is stabilised and able to perform its mandate.

“We will also take steps to stabilise and strengthen vital institutions like the South African Revenue Service.”

He said tax morality is dependent on an implicit contract between taxpayers and government that state spending provides value for money and is free from corruption.

The President will appoint a Commission of Inquiry into Tax Administration and Governance of SARS, to ensure that credibility is restored along with ensuring that the revenue meets its revenue targets. 

Did you know?

Since 2014 the number of persons convicted in respect of high priority matters (in which potential corruption per case totals R5 million and the value money of assets recovered totalled R230 million while the value of the potential loss prevented came close to R1.4 billion over the same period.

Transforming the criminal justice system

In 2011 government took firm steps to build its anti-corruption capacity in the Public Service through the creation of the:

  • Public Service Anti-Corruption Unit
  • Multi-Agency Working Group
  • National Anti-Corruption Hotline
  • In 2011 government completed a forensic laboratory for the South African Police Service. This state of the art facility cost R700 million.
  • A new correctional centre was built in Kimberley for R932- million.
  • In 2015 was announced that the South African Police Service (SAPS) Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Investigation Unit secured 659 life sentences against   perpetrators of crimes against women and children.
  • The High Court  Division in Limpopo was opened in November 2016.
  • By 2017 government announced an increase in police visibility and SAPS was to enhance the utilisation of the DNA database in the identification of suspects.
Safety and Security
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