May 2024 1st edition

Notify the IEC if you will be traveling on Election Day

Written by: More Matshediso


If you are going to be outside of the voting district where you are registered on voting day, 29 May 2024, you must notify the Electoral Commission (IEC) by 17 May. 

You can complete an online Section 24A form to inform the IEC in which voting district you would like to vote at, on election day. 

According to the IEC, a total of Total 27 698 369 South Africans have registered to vote this year.

In terms of the new Electoral Amendment Act, Section 24A, a voter may vote outside of their voting district in-country, but only if they notified the IEC in advance, by 17 May 2024.The voter should indicate the district they intend to vote in.

“A voter may vote outside of the voting district where registered on voting day, but needs to notify us during the period specified in the Election Timetable. That period for the 2024 elections is 15 March 2024 to 17 May 2024,” said the Commission. 

By capturing the address where you will be, the system will identify the relevant voting district. 

The Commission said if you miss the Section 24A notification period and need to travel outside your voting district on 29 May 2024, then you will not be able to vote outside of your voting district or any other voting station on Election Day. 

“You will unfortunately only be able to vote at the voting district and station at which you are registered,” emphasised the IEC. 

Ballot papers 

If you vote inside the province where you are registered, you will receive three ballot papers. These are the National, Regional and Provincial ballot papers. However, if you vote outside the province where you are registered, you will receive the National ballot paper only. ¥ 

The Commission has reminded members of the public to share the link below with family and friends who may be travelling on Election Day too. 

Link to submit your Section 24A form:

For more information, you can visit: Call: 0800 11 8000. Email: WhatsApp: 060 088 0000 Facebook: Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) X: @IECSouthAfrica

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