June 2022 1st edition

Bridging the gap in the ICT sector

Written by Ursula Graaff

An ICT company  is demonstrating how the private sector can get involved in transforming the lives of South African children.

Learners at Ratasetjhaba Primary Farm School in Meyerton were overjoyed when they received a new computer lab from Information Communication Technology company Rectron.

The lab was donated to the school to bridge the gap in the digital market and help learners broaden their learning and skill set. Few of the learners have access to technology at home, says school principal Goitseng Mokele.

She says the lab – which is available to learners from grades 1 to 7 – is going to make a huge difference to the science and mathematics marks. Becoming techno savvy will also improve the learners’ confidence, she says, and enable them to compete with more privileged schools.

Grade 7 learner Aufi Shamimu says she is grateful for the computer lab. “I feel so happy and I think we will learn a lot.” Learners from Ratasetjhaba Primary Farm School in Meyerton will now be techno savvy thanks to a new computer lab donated by ICT company Rectron.

In her thank you speech to Rectron, Shamimu said  she and her fellow learners will benefit from using the computers and will learn new skills.

“Finally, we are going to be just like other schools. Rectron, your sponsorship to us will help us reduce poverty, crime and unemployment because we will grow up equipped like other learners.”

Kutlwano Rawana, Chief of People at Rectron, told the gathering that they aim to uplift communities by donating techno labs to previously disadvantaged areas and schools. “The purpose of these labs is to facilitate the improvement in STEM-related subjects [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] in schools,” she said.

Rectron has donated four labs to date and aims to do more for other communities and underprivileged schools in South Africa. In choosing schools to assist, it looks at how actively involved parents and teachers are in the learners’ education.

For more information about Rectron, visit their website at https://www.rectron.co.za/home

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