Feb 2022 2nd Edition

Copper Fresh designs smart masks

Written by Sphelele Ngubane

Three local innovators have produced a smart, self-cleaning mask they say is effective against many skin conditions such as acne and is reusable for up to a month.

Copper Fresh’s Dean Lazarus, David Ash and Roy Miller started producing and selling their masks in 2021, after a period of research and development.

The mask has been endorsed by Proudly South African under its #BuyLocalToCreateJobs campaign.

The masks are also approved by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority.

Lazarus, a co-owner of Copper Fresh, says the product came about after the developers gave much thought to the use of technology in fighting the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and other viruses and bacteria.

The masks are produced with an infusion of copper oxide, which acts as a natural antiviral to help protect against COVID-19 and respiratory infections.

A local product

The three entrepreneurs were concerned that most personal protective equipment (PPE) was being shipped in from overseas.

“South Africa has the skill and know-how to produce products that are just as good or even better than the products other countries have to offer,” he says.

With high international freight costs out of China, he says they had an amazing opportunity to produce high-quality products for both the local and international market at a cost that makes sense.

Lazarus says South Africa has the potential to be self-sufficient and create jobs, which is crucial given the country’s employment challenges, particularly among the youth.

The masks are currently sold online, but will soon be available at Clicks stores nationwide. Lazarus says their vision is to have all healthworkers in Africa wear their PPE.

Copper Fresh currently has five people who are involved full time in the business, but Lazarus says as the business scales up and demand for the product grows, they hope to increase the number of employees.

To purchase a Copper Fresh mask visit www.copperfresh.co.za

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