Feb 2022 2nd Edition

Seta offers free skills courses

Written by: Sphelele Ngubane

The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Seta) is offering free entrepreneurship courses to individuals and cooperatives. The Seta appointed Chartall Business College to develop four customised e-Learning courses, targeting four beneficiary groups.

“On offer are the Cooperative Governance and Entrepreneurial Mindsets Course, targeting 300 cooperatives; the Entrepreneurial Skills Course, targeting 100 individuals; the Sustainability Course, targetinMosibudi Makgopa has completed one of the free Services Seta business courses.g 100 non-profit organisations; and the Start-ups Course, targeting 100 people to be trained to start a business,” explains Duduzile Mwelase, senior manager in organisational brand management at Services Seta.

She says even though the courses are offered online, subscribers do not need to worry about data as the learning platform is zero-rated.

“Zero-rated means that participants do not need data to access the material. The courses are self-based (needs your device) and self-paced (own convenient time), therefore participants determine how long it takes for them to complete the course content, workbook and assessments,” says Mwelase.

Unemployed graduates

Mosibudi Makgopa (23), who recently graduated with a degree in agriculture from North-West University, has completed the Start-Up Course.

“In November last year, I came across a poster on the Seta website. I sent an email with my details and the course I was interested in, and then I was added to the list. A few weeks later, I was notified the course was ready.

“I then went onto the platform to submit my documents and started the course,” she explains.

Makgopa completed the course in two weeks. She says it covered many aspects of starting a business, including coming up with business ideas, product/service development, sales and marketing and financial literary.

Makgopa wants to venture into the agricultural sector.

Submit your application for any of the courses at https://forms.office.com/r/sTfkFPDGmg

For more information, visit the Services Seta website at www.servicesseta.org.za or send an email to entrepreneurship@servicesseta.org.za

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