Oct 2023 1st edition

Letters to the editor


Dear Vuk’uzenzele

My name is Oupa Nakana from Limpopo, I am 28-years old.

I run a nursery project in my community which has created five jobs for locals.

We would like our project to grow, we would like to plant more fruit trees and flowers. Please can you advise us on how we can grow our business and funding opportunities.

Kind Regards

Oupa Nakana


Dear Oupa

Thank you for your letter.

In the true spirit of Vuk’uzenzele, you are certainly making a difference in your life and those of people in your community.

To answer your question, perhaps the best thing to do is to visit your nearest Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) office.

This is an organisation that assists small businesses such as yourself with information on how to start and grow their businesses. Seda can be reached on

www.seda.org.za or 0860 663 7867.

Good luck

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