Feb 2019 2nd Edition

Woza Albert comes to the South African State Theatre

Performers and storytellers bring internationally acclaimed stage play to the State Theatre.

This March theatre lovers will feast their eyes on the internationally acclaimed play Woza Albert!

The stage play which features renowned actors Mbogeni Ngema and Percy Mtwa has  travelled all over the world for about four decades.

At the height of apartheid, Ngema and Mtwa asked a question; what would happen if Christ returned to South Africa? They then developed a stage play, Woza Albert! with renowned theatre-maker and co-founder of the Market Theatre, Barney Simon.

The production, a celebrated example of hard-hitting political satire, toured the world during the late 1970s and 1980s, and played a major role in raising awareness and global support for the anti-apartheid struggle.

Woza Albert! explores how the second coming of Christ (Morena) would affect the lives of poor black people, and how the white apartheid authorities would react. The two actors, directed by Christopher John, present a compelling view of a multitude of black and white characters as they explore themes of race and class and expose the power structures of white supremacy.

The play concludes with a call for Christ (Morena) to raise the dead heroes and leaders who fought against apartheid.

 “Even in the current democratic climate, the question that was asked by Ngema and Mtwa during the days of apartheid is still relevant. There is a lot going on in our maturing democracy which arguably makes those who died with a revolutionary sword turn in their rested graves,”said State Theatre CEO, Dr Sibongiseni Mkhize.

Woza Albert! will be on stage from  8 to 31 March at the State Theatre. 

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