Mar 2024 Special edition

Building human capital

Leave No One Behind

Introduced National Minimum Wage (NMW)This administration introduced a NMW for the first time in South Africa’s history, guaranteeing a minimum floor below which no worker may be paid.

Expanded social grants

Social grants for people most affected by COVID-19 were expanded, including the Special Social Relief of Distress Grant, which reached around 11 million unemployed people.

Investment in social infrastructure

Municipalities have invested more than R67 billion in social infrastructure over the past five years, providing water services to an extra 270 000 poor households and sanitation services to nearly 240 000 poor households. Nearly 5 000 kilometres  of road infrastructure in poor communities has been improved.

Launched military veterans pension benefit

Government launched the Military Veterans pension benefit for former Non-Statutory Forces. To date, over 18 000 applications have been received for the pension benefit of military veterans.

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