Mar 2024 Special edition

Umalusi awards accreditation certificates

Umalusi awarded accreditation certificates to 54 successful institutions at an Accreditation Forum and Certificate Award Ceremony recently held in Pretoria.

 The event was organised to award accreditation certificates to 54 institutions (50 independent schools and four private colleges) that met Umalusi’s accreditation criteria to offer qualifications that are registered on the General and Further Education and Training Qualifications Sub-framework. 

The ceremony was attended in a hybrid mode by approximately 700 delegates from the 50 independent schools, four private colleges and Umalusi officials. 

“I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to every institution represented here today for your commitment to excellence and your passion for quality education. May you continue to uphold the standards even after having been awarded your accreditation certificate,” Umalusi Chief Executive Officer, Dr Mafu Rakometsi said. 

The breakdown of the 50 independent schools that were awarded accreditation certificates to offer the National Senior Certificate is as follows:

  • 10 are to offer grades 1-7.
  • Six are to offer grades 1-9.
  • 22 are to offer grades 1-12.
  • One is to offer grades 4-12.
  • Nine are to offer grades 8-12.
  • Two are to offer grades 10-12.

The four accredited private colleges were:

  • One is to offer National Certificate: Vocational Levels 2-4 (Information Technology and Computer Sciences).
  • Two are to offer N1-N3 Engineering Studies.
  • One is to offer General Education and Training Certificate: Adult Basic Education and Training  at National Qualification Framework Level 1.

The full names, accreditation numbers, and addresses of the institutions accredited in 2024 are listed in the official newsletter of Umalusi titled Makoya. 

Umalusi encouraged South Africans to visit their website at and verify the accreditation status of institutions to avoid falling prey to bogus institutions. A full list of all Umalusi-accredited institutions is accessible on their website. ¥

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