Mar 2024 Special edition

Promoting public employment and youth empowerment

The Youth Employment Service (YES) was established together with private-sector partners.

YES has created over 130 000 work experiences for young people to date.

Over 1.7 million work and livelihood opportunities for unemployed South Africans have been created through the Presidential Employment Stimulus. 

Of the participants, 83% are youth and 66% are women. Key programmes in the stimulus include:

  • Employing 1.1 million education and general assistants in 23 000 schools.
  • Providing production input vouchers to 
    180 000 small-scale farmers.
  • Providing 29 000 opportunities in environmental management and rehabilitation.
  • Employing 107 000 people across 6 500 worksites through the Social Employment Fund.

The SA Youth Mobi platform was launched, which provides pathways for young people to employment, learning and youth enterprise. To date, over 4.8 million young people have registered on the platform and more than one million have been placed in earning opportunities.

The National Youth Service (NYS) has been revitalised, offering young people opportunities to undertake work that builds the community and provides them with skills, self-confidence and work experience. Over 47 000 participants were placed in the first phase of the NYS. 

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