Sep 2020 2nd edition

Calling all women: Go Hustle!

Written by Dale Hes

The Go Hustle website is providing focused career advice for women and sharing inspirational success stories.  Go Hustle offers networking events and advice to young women entrepreneurs. Photo: Go Hustle.

Successful magazine editor Danielle Weakley started Go Hustle to help South African women benefit from the growth of female-focused career platforms around the world, such as women-only conferences and networking events. 

“I know how many young women are intimidated when applying for their first job, being interviewed or pitching their products and services. I wanted to develop an inspiring space for young women to access the tips and tricks they need to succeed,” says Weakley. 

The website provides a wealth of advice on career development, health and wellness and money management. Users sign up for free and can access information about job opportunities, internships and networking events. 

“The career space, from a content and networking point of view, has always been a male-dominated space. It never felt like an accessible space for a young girl starting out and seeking information and inspiration. We wanted our platform to be wholly feminine – inspiring young women by profiling women they see in themselves, but also giving them sound, workable advice and not talking down to them,” Weakley says. 

Khanyisa Mabala, a quantity surveyor who has been profiled by Go Hustle, is passionate about the growth of young women, especially in the male-dominated construction industry.

“I am most passionate about seeing young women grow in my industry. It’s amazing to see the great strides and spaces women are taking up in the industry. It’s even more amazing when you’re afforded the opportunity to contribute towards that growth,” she says.

To young women hoping to become successful entrepreneurs, Mabala says:

  • Find work that best suits your personality and matches your values.
  • Study maths and science at school and pass both with at least 60 percent.
  • Find someone in the industry to help you with the job-seeking process.
  • Put yourself out there by attending networking events and engaging with industry insiders.
  • Establish yourself on social media platforms.

For more information, visit Go Hustle at

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