Apr 2021 1st Edition

Career guidance for job seekers

Written by Silusapho Nyanda

The Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) has launched a career guidance portal to help job seekers find opportunities in the health, social development and veterinary sectors.

Chief Executive Officer of HWSETA Elaine Brass says the career portal is a digital platform that will help job seekers make informed career choices.

“The portal enables us to offer our job-seeking stakeholders a digital platform that will empower them with knowledge and give them access to a variety of resources to guide them on their career path,” she says.

People wanting to enter a specific field can use the portal to find out what subjects they need, where they can study and the jobs that are available in the field.

They can also find information that will help them prepare for a job interview and learn about community service and entrepreneurship.

“The health, social development and veterinary sectors make up a vast, challenging, dynamic and rewarding space,” says Brass, explaining that there is an abundance of careers to explore within these sectors.

“We want to play our part in shining a spotlight on these prestigious sectors as the HWSETA and to encourage young people to explore the many opportunities that exist in the related industries.”

The easy-to-use survey on the portal helps a person identify a suitable job. The newly developed portal also teaches people about the multiple funding programmes that are accessible through the HWSETA.

Brass says a lack of knowledge about HWSETA funding possibilities plays a huge role in deterring people from following a particular career within these sectors.

“As a skills development and training authority, we want to make sure that career seekers understand that their financial difficulties should not stand in the way of their dream careers.”

Brass says the portal is to be used as tool to gain information and knowledge on what a person who wants to take up a career in these fields is required to do.

The portal can be accessed at hw-careers.co.za.

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