Dec 2020 Edition

Hani-Khumalo launches online book club

Written by Dale Hes

Chris Hani’s granddaughter is helping society to talk about issues that affect them.Nosipho Hani-Khumalo hopes to tackle problems in society through her online book club. Photo credit: Plugcityhype

National youth ambassador Nosipho Hani-Khumalo (21) is tackling various issues that affect society, such as gender-based violence (GBV), through a unique online book club.

Khumalo started the Bookarazzi Book Club in partnership with Exclusive Books and Plugcityhype, to highlight serious issues affecting South Africans. 

Broadcast online every Thursday, the book club’s web series creates a safe space for people to discuss the pain they feel when they are trapped in difficult situations. 

“On my journey of philanthropy and as a youth ambassador, I have become more aware of the pain people carry. Books are a lighter way of introducing the serious and needed conversations that people are often afraid to have at home or with friends because they are embarrassed or ashamed. We want the book club to create a safe space for empowerment and healing.”

The first book in the series, The Blessed Girl, by Angela Mokholwa, is about young girls who get involved in sexual relationships with older men, in exchange for money and possessions.

“The book speaks to what we see in society, where young girls who are struggling financially see their only way out as sleeping with older men. This issue highlights the trend of patriarchy in society, where girls and women believe they cannot succeed without men,” Khumalo says.

At the book club, Khumalo discusses the book, its underlying themes and what they mean. 

“We are also going to speak to a psychologist about the book and, at the end of the series, will interview the author to find out why she wrote it and what she wants people to learn.”

Khumalo will also cover books that deal with GBV and other issues. She hopes people will develop a deeper understanding of the topics at hand and be able to relate to the characters in the books. 

“We want readers to grow in empathy, understanding and love, because that is the South Africa we need.”

You can watch the Bookarazzi Book Club on and the Plugcityhype YouTube channel. New episodes are released every Thursday at 7pm.

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