Jan 2008

Places of service and and information

Thusong Service Centres 

Government is committed to improving the quality of life for all South Africans through better service delivery.

One of the ways in which this is done is through Thusong Service Centres. They give people access to information and services near their homes.

One-stop centres

These centres were first known as multi-purpose community centres or MPCCs. The name was changed to Thusong Service Centres. Thusong is a Sesotho word meaning ‘a place to get help or assistance’. 

In line with this meaning, the motto is ‘One-stop centres for services and information’. This is exactly what Thusong Service Centres are. 

They are central points of activity in a community, where different services are provided. So instead of having to travel to many different offices, residents can go to one place to have most of their needs met. Communities in deep rural areas and previously badly serviced areas are especially finding life much easier with Thusong Service Centres.


Government’s target is to start one Thusong Service Centre in each of the 283 municipalities in South Africa by 2014. So far, communities in 98 municipalities benefit from over 800 services. 

This means that previously disadvantaged communities in 30 per cent of South Africa’s municipalities can now access government services and information under one roof, or within walking distance of each other.


Services offered at the centres include those from the departments of Home Affairs, Labour, South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), Social Development, Government Communications, and Health. 

Other services like telecentres, the Post Office, libraries, agricultural support offices and municipal services, community development workers, the South African Police Service, non-government organisations and community-based organisations, are also offered at some of the centres.

- Louise van Niekerk

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