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Preventing robberies and theft

The police need your help

Crimes like theft, housebreaking, shoplifting, handbag or cell phone snatching, and theft out of motor vehicles lead to unnecessary suffering. 

If you buy stolen goods, more victims will suffer, because you provide a market for these goods. This means criminals will keep stealing them. When thieves go out to steal to meet the need for stolen goods, they often commit other crimes along the way. These include murdering or attacking witnesses or helpless victims, or raping and hurting women and children.

Stolen goods

Receiving stolen goods is also punishable by law. Reject any goods you suspect could have been stolen and report it to the police on Crime Stop 08600 10111.

Safety tips to prevent house robbery and theft

  • Know all the emergency numbers like the police, fire brigade and ambulance in your commu- nity.
  • Don’t leave your gates, front or back door open or partially open - it is like an invitation to burglars.
  • Never just open the door when someone knocks. Make very sure the person wanting to enter is expected. Check the identity of strangers who come to your house to do deliveries or repairs. Robbers sometimes pretend to be telephone or TV repairmen, electricians, plumbers, TV licence or municipality inspectors. People who are home during the day should be made aware of these scams.
  • When you are on your way home by foot or by car ensure that it is safe to enter and that you have not been followed. Be aware of persons hanging around at the entrance.
  • Always keep your keys in a safe place. Never leave house keys under a doormat, in a pot plant, or in any other hidden place for family members or children. Robbers often stake out a house and will find these hiding places. Do not give keys to people who do not live on the property or to anyone if it is not absolutely necessary.
  • Know your neighbours and build a relationship of trust and support. Exchange phone numbers. When you go away, inform them.
  • Keep your firearms in a safe.

- South African Police Service

Safety and Security
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