Dec 2005

Searching for woman of substance

Mosadi wa kono kono, a programme to celebrate the role of women has been launched by the Department of Arts and Culture.  Mosadi wa kono kono, means “A woman of substance”. The R4-million project will show-case women at grassroots level who use arts and culture to improve themselves and communities.

 Role Model

Mosadi wa kono kono is a national competition that encourages the youth to identify women who are role models in arts and culture. The programme recognises that women are the ones who give meaning and direct the youth and develop communities.  The R4 million will be used to run the competition in all the nine provinces. There will be a gala dinner in 2006 to mark the beginning of  the search for “a woman of substance”. Women will be judged in the way their work encourages the youth and brings in money for the community. 

 Final event in 2006

The National Languages Service, a section of Arts & Culture, will print with stories on the regional finalists. At the end there will be a ceremony to hand over prizes.  Some of the funds will help the provincial governments to start their own activities. The final event is expected to take place in August next year. One of our challenges is to highlight the role of arts and culture to develop the economy. Mosadi wa kono kono is directly addressing this challenge while rooting out poverty. Arts and culture creates jobs and promotes different cultures.  

 Launched

The North West government was the first to launch Mosadi wa kono kono.  The function was attended by hundreds of women from art centres and business.

For more information contact: 

Department of Arts and Culture: 012 - 3378000 or Call Centre at 1020   

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