Mar 2022 1st edition

SONA in numbers

President Cyril Ramaphosa recently delivered the State of the Nation Address, during which he gave feedback on government programmes over the past year and announced new plans for 2022 and beyond. Vuk’uzenzele unpacks the programmes in numbers.

Economy and jobs

R1.2 trillion – value of the target set by government nearly four years ago to mobilise new investment over five years.

R776 billion – value of investment commitments reached by the time of the third South Africa Investment Conference in November 2020.

500 000 – new jobs to be created by the global business services sector over the next few years.

More than 130 000 – new jobs that could potentially be created by the hemp and cannabis sector.

Over 850 000 – opportunities supported by the first two phases of the Presidential Employment Stimulus programmes, which government launched in October 2020.

Over 60% – women participated in the Presidential Employment Stimulus programmes.

Over one million – direct beneficiaries of the Presidential Employment Stimulus programmes.

Over 500 000 – young people appointed as education assistants.

10 000 – unemployed young people to be recruited by the Department of Home Affairs for the digitisation of paper records.

50 000 – work opportunities to be created by the Social Employment Fund in areas such as urban agriculture, early childhood development, public art and tackling gender-based violence.

More than 2.3 million – young South Africans registered on the platform for young work seekers to access opportunities and support.

Over 600 000 – young South Africans registered on the who have been placed into employment opportunities.

50 000 – young people to be recruited by a revitalised National Youth Service during the next year to contribute to their communities, develop their skills and grow their employability.

10 000 – unemployed Technical and Vocational Education and Training graduates to be placed in workplaces from April 2022 by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

100 – days to finalise a comprehensive social compact to grow the economy, create jobs and combat hunger.

Coronavirus Disease

2 million ­– people out of work due to COVID-19.

R3.4 billion – money raised by the Solidarity Fund from more than 300 000 individuals and 3 000 companies and foundations.

30 million – doses of COVID-19 vaccines administered by 10 February 2022.


R100 billion – money allocated to the Infrastructure Fund over 10 years.

Approximately R96 billion – investment value of the Infrastructure Fund’s projects in student accommodation, social housing, telecommunications, water and sanitation and transport.

R1.8 billion – an initial investment government will make in bulk infrastructure, which will unlock seven private sector projects to the value of R133 billion.

95 – number of bridges to be delivered a year by the Welisizwe Rural Bridges Programme.

14 – number of current bridges delivered by the Welisizwe Rural Bridges Programme.

685 – kilometres of rural roads to be constructed or upgraded over the next three years.

Social protection

More than 18 million – people benefiting from the social protection system every month.

More than 10 million – unemployed people supported by the Social Relief of Distress Grant since the onset of COVID-19.

R350 – value of the Social Relief of Distress Grant.

Housing and agriculture

14 000 – hectares of state land to be transferred to the Housing Development Agency by the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure.

Over 100 000 – farmers who have already received input vouchers through the Presidential Employment Stimulus and the Solidarity Fund to expand their production.

R225 million – money provided through the Sugar Master Plan to over 12 000 small-scale sugar cane growers as part of a R1 billion commitment to support black farmers.

250 000 – small-scale farmers targeted to receive input vouchers this year.

Fight against crime and corruption

45 – Special Investigating Unit matters enrolled with the Special Tribunal.

R2.1 billion – combined value of the 45 Special Investigating Unit matters enrolled with the Special Tribunal.

224 – government officials referred for disciplinary action by the Special Investigating Unit.

386 – cases referred for possible prosecution to the National Prosecuting Authority.

12 000 – new South African Police Service personnel to be recruited and trained.


More than 59 million – people registered in the Health Patient Registration System.

More than 56 000 – additional health workers recruited by September 2021.

More than 46 000 – community health workers integrated into the public health system by September 2021.


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