Dec 2023 edition

Stream of opportunities for aspiring creatives

Written by More Matshediso

Young aspiring creatives are set to benefit from a stream of opportunities that will see them gain invaluable experience and exposure in the creative arts industry.

This is made possible by the Creative Careers Acceleration Programme (CCAP) that was recently launched by Creative Careers South Africa, an organisation dedicated to empowering and developing emerging talent within the nation's vibrant arts and culture scene.

The organisation’s director, Stallone Santino, said the CCAP stands as a beacon of hope against the backdrop of the high unemployment rate in the country, offering vital practical experience across a spectrum of artistic domains.

“The programme has already started and it will operate until 8 December. It has rallied an impressive cadre of established art organisations and industry veterans to guide and empower the country’s youthful talent,” he explained.

He added that the program’s mentorship initiative boasts actresses such as Mayuri Naidu, and Lindiwe Lekasapa, an accomplished arts manager, choreographer Owen Lonzar, musical theatre performer Schoeman Smit, and filmmaker Londiwe Shange, among others.

With a strategic emphasis on professional growth, innovation, and sustainability, the organisation ensures that the creative sector remains a strong and vital component of South Africa’s cultural identity and economic progress.Creative Careers Acceleration Programme

“We aim to kindle the fire of artistic passion within a diverse group of young South Africans through internship and mentorship experience. The inception of the CCAP marks a pivotal moment in nurturing the future luminaries of South African arts,” he explained.

“Our mission is to equip participants with the essential skills, knowledge, and opportunities that will not only spur their individual careers but also leave an indelible mark on our national arts canvas,” added Santino.

The programme is supported by Business and Arts South Africa and the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture through the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme.

Santino said the programme has already begun, and the first cohort of participants are acquiring knowledge through skill enhancement workshops and stand a chance to absorb wisdom from seasoned mentors.

For the inaugural call for applications, the organisation received an overwhelming response of over 450 applications. It had to select a group of 25 candidates, ensuring a focused and personalised growth experience.

Santino said the successful applicants are currently placed in esteemed organisations nationwide, including Creative Careers South Africa’s partners such as the Joburg Theatre, Market Theatre, Vuyani Dance Company, University of KwaZulu-Natal Centre for Creative Arts and The Baxter Theatre.

“Given the enthusiastic reception and clear demand, we are committed to making this initiative an annual event. Our goal is to open doors for the youth into the arts sector and provide a sustained boost to creative careers across the country. We aim to offer the CCAP each year during the second semester, ensuring a steady stream of opportunities for young aspiring creatives,” he said.

Hot on the heels of the CCAP’s success, the organisation is gearing up to launch a new mentorship opportunity tailored specifically for aspiring screenwriters. This is a chance for storytellers to get their scripts in shape and their voices heard, under the guidance of industry veterans.

Those keen to apply for the upcoming opportunities or future iterations of the CCAP can stay updated via Creative Careers South Africa’s social media channels in order to get detailed information about each programme, including how to apply, requirements and deadlines.

For more information, visit https://ccap. and https://
WhatsApp: 067 844 4447
Facebook: Creative Careers South Africa


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