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Everyone can save ENERGY

As our economy grows, the need for electricity and other sources of energy like gas, coal and paraffin also grows. The need for energy is also higher in winter when people need more for heating and lighting. To ensure that there will be enough for everyone, all of us must learn to save energy.

The following tips can help you save energy in your home:

  • Turn off lights and heaters when you leave a room.
  • Use energy-saving light bulbs; they last longer and use less electricity.
  • Use low-energy lamps outside.
  • When cooking, keep the lids on pots to keep the heat inside.
  • Use a pot with a flat bottom that matches the size of the stove plate.
  • Soak beans, samp and other dry food overnight. This saves many hours of cooking.
  • When boiling water, boil only what you need instead of a full pot or kettle.
  • Set geysers for heating water at 55 degrees Celsius.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath to save hot water.
  • If you use coal, make sure you get the right grade of coal.
  • When using a brazier (tin drum with holes) seal the bottom.
  • If you use paraffin, make sure the flames of paraffin cookers burn blue.
  • Gas uses less energy for heating and cooking than electricity. If you use gas, check the seals of your gas oven door regularly for gas leaks.
  • Turn off the gas immediately after use.

- Staff reporter