Feb 2020 1st Edition

Get involved, fight corruption

Written by More Matshediso

The fight against corruption is not a battle that can be won by the public sector alone.

The head of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU), Advocate Andy Mothibi, encourages members of the public to contact the SIU if they are aware of fraud, corruption or maladministration.

The SIU, one of the key law enforcement agencies under the Department of Justice and Correctional Services, investigates allegations and collects evidence relating to these acts to build a case against the perpetrators, Mothibi explained.

“Our organisation plays a vital role in fighting fraud, corruption and maladministration in cases where state funds have been lost. It also enforces anti-corruption legislation and encourages good governance practices within state institutions,” he said.

The organisation also plays a critical role in preventing future state losses.

“If there is a private sector player involved in corrupt activities with the public sector, the SIU will channel the same process of recovery,” said Mothibi.

“The SIU is committed to clean governance and putting integrity at the centre of our work,” he added.

According to Mothibi, SIU investigations are determined by the President, as stated in the SIU Act 74 of 1996.

Before the President can sign a proclamation to have a case investigated, allegations or complaints must first be received.

“Any member of the public can approach the SIU with allegations. The SIU then assesses the allegations to establish if they fall within the ambit of the SIU Act. If they do, the SIU then determines if sufficient information exists to issue a proclamation by the President, mandating the SIU to conduct an investigation,” Mothibi explained.

He said key to the assessment is the availability of information detailing the allegation. The SIU is not empowered to investigate to obtain this information, unless an investigation was authorised by a Presidential proclamation.

Keeping an eye on State Capture Inquiry

With regard to testimony that comes from the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture, Mothibi said the SIU’s governance committee analyses evidence to check if they fall within SIU processes.

“If they fall within SIU processes, we will apply for a Presidential proclamation. If approved, we will ensure there are consequences for those who have been implicated,” he said.

Blow the whistle on corruption

  • Educate yourself about the dangers of corruption.
  • Spread the word and educate others about corruption.
  • Become an anti-corruption advocate by forming groups in your organisation and community, and campaign for increased anti-corruption efforts.
  • Report corruption on the SIU anonymous whistle-blower hotline at 0800 037 774 or email siu@whistleblowing.co.za
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