Sept 2021 2nd edition

How to support matrics

Written by Sphelele Ngubane

It’s crunch time for matric exams! Vuk'uzenzele has thus put some handy tips together to them excel. 

As the 2021 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations are set to start in November, it is time to give matrics all the support they need. This year saw learners having to navigate challenges due to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

Here are some tips you can use to better support matriculants so that they succeed despite these challenging times.

Time to study

Setting aside time to study is crucial. Make sure that you have allocated enough time to focus on your school work and be prepared for your exams.

Dedicated conducive learning space

While some learners can study in a shared space, others need a quiet space to better concentrate.  Speak to your child and understand what kind of environment they need so that they are able to focus. 

Internet connection

Having a device and being connected to the internet is no longer a luxury, especially for learners. Learners need to connect with one another easily when they need assistance. Make sure your child has a working device, with enough data and access to the internet.


You may not be a teacher or understand the content of the subjects, however you can speak positively to your child and their studies. Around this time, some matrics are panicking or beating themselves up for mistakes made earlier in the year. Offer them something positive to give them hope.

Nutrition, exercise and rest

It is time to work hard and put in extra hours, however the body needs to be well-fed with a balanced diet. Your child might be overly consumed by their books. Help them by keeping a schedule, on their behalf, reminding them to exercise and rest.

The Department of Basic Education has many resources for matriculants, including timetables and examination guidelines for every subject to be written in 2021.  Visit for these resources.   This information was supplied by the Department of Basic Education.

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