Apr 2020 2nd Edition

Lockdown Update

Every person will be confined to their place of residence unless required to perform an essential service, shop for essential goods and medicines, collect a social grant or seek emergency, lifesaving or chronic medical attention.

All gatherings are prohibited, except for funerals, which may not have more than 50 people. Movement between provinces, metro cities and districts is prohibited.

All businesses and other entities will cease operations unless involved in manufacturing, supplying or providing an essential
good or service.

Apart from grocery stores, spaza shops, pharmacies and other outlets selling only essential goods, all retail shops and shopping malls must be closed. Customers must keep at least one square metre away from each other an observe all other infection control measures.

All places of worship, public parks, beaches, swimming pools, night clubs, theatres, cinemas and casinos are closed to the public.

All hotels, lodges and guest houses are closed, except where they need to accommodate tourists who have no other place of residence in the country, or if used for quarantine and isolation.

Any places where religious, cultural, sporting, entertainment, recreational or similar activities normally take place are closed to the public.




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