Feb 2023 2nd edition

There is hope after negative matric results

Written by: Anele Zikali

Teen Suicide Prevention Week runs from 14 – 21 February and highlights awareness around teen depression and suicide, especially with the increased stressors such as matric results outcome.

During this time, SADAG focuses on creating awareness that teen depression and suicide are particularly high risk in South African teens.

SADAG encourages parents, teachers, and family members to know the warning signs of depression and suicide which include;

Talking or joking about suicide.

Depression or change in behaviour where a teenager becomes more withdrawn.

Drop in appearance and hygiene which includes not bathing.

Risk-taking behaviour such as consuming drugs and alcohol.

If you need help with your mental health or need someone to talk to, call the toll-free line 0800 567 567, visit www.SADAG.org.za, or SMS 32312

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