Sept 2006



South Africa is alive with possibility and the African continent has great opportunities. The Minister in the Presidency, Essop Pahad, appealed to all South Africans to work together to tell the world about our country and continent.

Unforgettable experience
It is not only the government, the media and private companies that must spread the good news. Minister Pahad said the 2010 World Cup should be remembered as an event that left our country and the continent more united and more confident. "South Africans must take economic opportunities that come and make this World Cup an unforgettable experience for our visitors and our people," he said. Hundreds of people who work in communications were at the first 2010 National Communication Partnership Conference in Johannesburg in August. They spoke in one voice about using the 2010 World Cup to show South Africa and the entire continent to the world.

Opportunity of a lifetime
The conference was organised by the International Marketing Council of South Africa and Government Communications. It will be held every year until 2010. It aims toget everyone in the country and in Africa to carry out one message - a message that unites the country in making the most of this opportunity of a lifetime.

Involve everyone
Themba Maseko, head of Government Communications, said the World Cup was a chance to market the country to billions of people in the world. "This will boost our tourism, sport and economy." He said another challenge was to make sure that we involve everyone in the preparations for 2010 and in hosting the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come. Wherever we can, we should work with our neighbours and other countries in Africa to make the most of this first African World Cup.

Proud to be South African
Yvonne Johnston from the International Marketing Council said people should do whatever they can to promote their country during this time. "Buy South African flags and fly them high everywhere. Be proud of being a South African."

- Ndivhuwo Khangale

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