May 2008




One of government's programmes that help black-owned businesses to grow, is the Black Business Supplier Development Programme. It gives grants to black-owned businesses that are making a profit and have been in operation for more than a year.

Many such small business can grow if they advertise their services, but they lack the money to advertise. The programme, run by the Department of Trade and Industry, pays for the marketing (a form of advertising) to make people aware of the businesses.

Service providers

The maximum amount of the grants is R100 000. It may only be used for marketing purposes. This includes branding of the business, buying advertising space, communication programmes, and creating a corporate identity. 

The money is not paid directly to small business owners. It is paid for the services of service providers. These include experts in the marketing field who help businesses create awareness of their goods and services. 

For example, if a business qualifies for the grant, a service provider or experts in the marketing field will find out what the specific marketing needs of the business are. They will then give advice like whether the business should advertise on radio, in newspapers, put posters on street poles, print pamphlets or flyers, or start a website. Service providers also help with other marketing tools, like business cards or training programmes.


A small business owner, Tumi Motsamai, said the grant from government has helped his business
to grow. He runs a mobile therapy business, which helps business people to relieve stress through anti-stress massages.
Thanks to the grant, they have been able to start a website, print brochures and business cards, and brand their vehicle. This makes it easier for their customers to find out about them and their services. He said the grant from government has not only helped to create more awareness about the business, but also attracted new customers.

- - Muzi Mkhwanazi




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