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Summertime means taking a break and doing fun things like swimming in the sea, rivers or dams. It's good to have fun, but you must also keep safe. 
Road safety
  • Always obey traffic signs.
  • When you get to a traffic light, the red light means stop, the yellow light means caution, the green light means go. When you get to a stop sign, look, listen and look again before you go.
  • Never overload your car when you go on holiday, it can cause accidents.
  • Stick to the speed limit
It's fun to swim in the sea, but it can be dangerous. Always make sure children can be seen. Try to stay close to a life guard and never swim alone. Veld fires
Veld fires can cause a lot of damage to property and can lead to death. Never throw away a burning match or cigarette and always put out fires before leaving.