Sept 2008


Arbor Day ("Arbor" is another word for tree) is celebrated around the world on 7 September. In South Africa, we celebrate trees for a whole week from 1 to 7 September. During this time, we are encouraged to plant trees. It is also a time when the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry makes people aware of the important role trees play in our lives. For example, trees give us shade, shelter, fruit and wood. What's more, many trees are also used as MEDICINE... 
Did you KNOW?
Many South African trees have medicinal properties. This means different parts of the trees are used as medicine.
Parts of trees that are used for medicine include the leaves, bark, gum, fruits, seeds, roots, and bulbs.
For example, the fruit of the baobab tree is used for stomach and bladder problems, fever and inflammation. The leaves, bark and gum of the sweet thorn tree is used for stomach problems, colds, bleeding, and mouth infections.The bark of the African wattle is used for stomach problems and cramps, as well as to soothe sore eyes.
Some parts of trees and other plants are poisonous. So NEVER use any parts of trees or plants as medicine unless you are 100 per cent sure that it is safe to do so.
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