March 2016 SoNA Special Edition



R100 million – to be invested a year by South African Tourism to promote domestic tourism.

  • 10th – South Africa’s ranking in the World Economic Forum competitiveness report.
  • US$50 billion – investments announced by China.
  • US$10 billion – investment from China to South Africa for infrastructure, industrialisation and skills development.
  • 5% – the annual growth target set in the National Development Plan to be achieved by 2019.
  • R25 billion – investments attracted by incentives for the automotive sector over the last five years.


  • R83 billion – government’s investment in Eskom.
  • R194 billion – an investment attracted by the Renewable Independent Power Producer Programme.
  • 9 600 – megawatts of energy to be introduced in the next decade.

Broadband roll-out

  • 5 000 – government facilities in eight district municipalities to benefit from broadband roll-out.
  • R740 million – funding for a broadband roll-out allocated over a three-year period to connect more than 5 000 government facilities in eight district municipalities.

Oceans economy

  • R7 billion – money committed in new port facilities by the Transnet National Ports Authority.
  • 3 000 – kilometres of coastline surrounding South Africa.
  • R660 million – investment brought by a fuel storage facility in Cape Town.
  • R350 000 – investment being committed in the aquaculture sector.
  • 9 – aquaculture farms already in production in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and Northern Cape.
Safety and security
  • 57 – the number of police officers murdered to date during the 2015/16 financial year.
  • 2 000 – number of European Union companies operating in South Africa.
  • 350 000 – number of jobs created by the European Union.
Agriculture and land reform
  • 5 – the number of Agri-parks being constructed.
  • 27 – the number of proposals received from commercial farmers.
  • 4 – the number of proposals received from commercial farmers that are being implemented in the Eastern Cape and the Free State.
  • 12 000 – the maximum hectares to be allowed for land ownership.
  • 120 000 – the number of new land claims lodged by December 2015.
Water and sanitation
  • 30 million - cubic meters of water to be provided per year by the Mokolo and Crocodile Water Augmentation project in Lephalale, Limpopo.
  • 13 - the raised metres of the Clan William Dam wall in the Western Cape.
  • 15 000 – number of young people being trained by the Department of Water and Sanitation to curb water wastage.
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