Jul 2021 1st Edition

Driving COVID-19 jabs in Ekurhuleni

Written by Allison Cooper

South Africa has launched its first drive-through COVID-19 vaccination site.Ekurhuleni residents receive their COVID-19 vaccines in their cars at a drive-through vaccination site.

Ekurhuleni residents have the option to get their Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) vaccinations in the comfort of their cars, after the country’s first drive-through vaccination site was launched in Boksburg, Gauteng.

Residents who registered on the Electronic Vaccine Data System (EVDS) and selected the International Christian Family Church as their vaccination site are receiving their vaccines without having to step out of their car to queue.

Johan van der Vyver, the first community member to get his COVID-19 vaccine at the drive-through vaccination site, was delighted to have received the jab in his car.

“This is definitely a great initiative, that is hassle-free. I’m being observed in my own vehicle, which also reduces the amount of contact with other people and limits any exposure to COVID-19. I strongly encourage other residents over 60 to consider the drive-through site,” he says.

Some Ekurhuleni residents were so impressed with the service that they posted about it on Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality’s Facebook page.

“My parents went there today and it was amazing. Organised, friendly, efficient staff. What an excellent idea! Well done,” says Gillian Dansie.

“What an excellent way of keeping us – the over 60s safe,” says Marie de Bruyn.

“I took my folks yesterday. Great initiative. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. All-in-all it was a pleasant experience, well done,” says Lyndsey Danielsen.

Gauteng Health Ekurhuleni District Manager Terrance Magoro says the initiative is a way of adding more vaccination sites to reach as many people as possible.

“This facility that we are in is quite large. It has three entrances and we are only using one at the moment. We will expand and open two more entrances so we can vaccinate more people© We want to reach 1 200 vaccinations per day at this facility,” he adds.

Standard screening and verification

Residents who make use of the drive-through vaccination site still go through the standard COVID-19 screening and verification process, before receiving their vaccine, but they also stay in their car during this process.

Following the screening, the COVID-19 shot is administered by a professional nurse. The patients then drive to the observation station where they are observed for 15 minutes, for any adverse vaccine effects.

The site is open from 8am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

To register on the EVDS, go to vaccine.enroll.health.gov.za

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