Apr 2021 2nd Edition

Easy-to-find answers for small businesses

Written by Daniel Bugan

A new initiative that will provide business support services to small, medium and micro enterprises in Western Cape communities was recently launched by the City of Cape Town’s Enterprise and Investment Department.

The Mobile Business Hub, as the initiative is called, will visit communities and help with people services related to businesses and address questions, such as:

  • Starting and growing a business (‘I want to start a business or expand my business and need support’).
  • Red tape (‘I am struggling with a red tape issue, which is hampering my business’).
  • City projects (‘I am interested in finding out more about specific city projects and would like to be connected to the relevant officials and line departments’).
  • Investing in the city (I want to invest in a new business. What regulatory requirements will I be expected to adhere to?’).
  • Enterprise and supplier development (‘I want to do business with the city/government and don’t know where to start).
  • Regulatory compliance (‘I want to do business in Cape Town and don’t know which business processes/registrations to comply with’).

City of Cape Town Executive Mayor Dan Plato says it is important to take these services directly to people.

“Businesses are often operating directly within communities and with the Coronavirus pandemic adding limitations and pressures to the way business is done, we need to be more innovative to assist entrepreneurs with growing their skills and expanding their income opportunities,” he says.

Plato adds that it is important to help people start new ventures and empower themselves.

“Small business owners are feeding their family, paying school fees and trying to create security for their family. Through the advice offered by this mobile service, we can help people create their own future,” he says.

The Strand Civic Centre was the first stop for the Mobile Business Hub.

Eric Nangu, owner of school uniform manufacturing firm Nangu Clothing & Projects, approached the hub for help to access finance to buy an embroidery machine and to expand his business.

Nangu says he was put in touch with the Small Enterprise Development Agency, an agency of the Department of Small Business Development, and is in the process of applying for funding.

Over the next few months, the Mobile Business Hub will visit a number of communities to offer onsite business support. 

To view the Mobile Business Hub’s schedule, visit www.investcapetown.com  

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