May 2022 1st edition

Social Relief Of Distress Grant for Disasters

Who can apply for Social Relief of Distress (SRD)?

This temporary provision of assistance is provided to people affected by a crisis or disaster and is mainly for people who are unable to meet their families most basic needs.

Which SRD is provided by SASSA during a crisis/disaster?

  • SASSA provides food vouchers to the value of R1200 per family.
  • R1980.00 x2 (total amount paid per family: R3,960.00) as food vouchers or cash to a family with deceased family member/s due to a disaster.
  • School uniform is provided to learners who lost uniform during a disaster:
    • Girls: R2,700.00
    • Boys: R2,500.00

How do I apply for the food voucher?

 Kindly submit contact details to ward councillor at your nearest municipality or to Social Worker.

How long do I receive it?

For only one month, because it expected that the people's lives will normalise and the other form of SRD including R350 will still be available for people who are experiencing hardship.

When do I receive the voucher?

Application is processed immediately after assessment is done and once approval is granted the voucher is issued.

Who to contact for more information:

SASSA Toll Free Number: 0800601011 or SASSA Regional Call Centre: 0338463400

facebook: SASSA News

Twitter: @OfficialSASSA


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