Jul 2010


Thousands of visitors from countries all over the world have come to our shores for the first ever "African" World Cup. Vuk'uzenzele talked to some of them about how they experienced our beautiful and diverse country...

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Susamma Mathews, Canada
"There has been a lot of bad press about the vuvuzela, but I think it's great and proudly South African and the fans just love it."
Rosetter Moyo, Nigeria
"South Africa has not only met the expectations of the world, it has exceeded the expectations. The matches and facilities are flawless."
Nach Dave, New York City
"The vibe and the people in South Africa - they are so warm and friendly. I will definitely come to visit this beautiful land again."
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Hermann Korfmacher, Germany
"I am enjoying the experience of the different cultures and flavours South Africa has to offer. The weather and the cities are so beautiful and the people are so friendly. I love South Africa"
Agnes Kaisi, Ghana
"Aside from my team, I'm also supporting Bafana Bafana. It's so nice to be welcomed and greeted with friendly smiling faces wherever I go. I love South Africa!"
Fancisco Javier Megia, Columbia
"I am surprised at what South Africa has to offer. We've heard negative stories on TV about South Africa, but after experiencing South Africa with my own eyes, I see what beautiful people live in this country."
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Kimo Zhu Ke Man, China
"This is my first time in South Africa, I love the weather and the scenery - it is breathtaking. The people and the food are very nice and I support Argentina and Bafana Bafana!"
Aby Zakheriah, India
"I am supporting Germany and Bafana Bafana. I love South Africa and I love the vuvuzela, it is such fun."
Alistair Rae,Philadelphia, USA
"South African people are just like the weather - warm and inviting. I have been to a few matches and experienced no problems, the park-and-ride facilities were very safe and easy to use. Well done South Africa!"
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Jessica Doh, Cameroon
"This is a beautiful country and Pretoria is a very well constructed town. The public transport system has come a long way."
Kishan Dave, New York City
"I love the vuvuzela and I have learnt to blow it. It's fun cheering on my favourite team at a match with the vuvuzela!"
Roland Chen, Hong Kong
"The society in South Africa amazes me; it is so peaceful and everyone is so friendly and helpful. If I didn't have to go back home I would like to live here."
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Blanca Escuin, Spain
"This is our first visit to South Africa, but we hope to come back again. The vuvuzela is something we will remember. It is great during matches, but a little hard to bear all the time."
Rick and Geneva Arnold, Nevada, USA
"It has been an adventure. The people are very friendly and incredibly helpful and everybody seems to be in a good mood. The transport system is so well organised. We don't have anything like this back home. We are also very impressed with the level of security."
Frida Ol-Mars and Viktoria Henningsson, Sweden
"We have been welcomed with arms wide open by the locals. It has been such a cool experience. We love the people - they are so happy, dancing and singing together all the time."
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Tondera Chenjera, Zimbabwe
"It is wonderful to see so many people of different races and nationalities in South Africa. These are some of the best moments I have ever experienced - the whole world coming together in Africa to celebrate."
Enock Moyo, Nigeria
"South Africa has done us proud. It's amazing to see people from all over the world unite. Well done South Africa, you have pulled off a successful World Cup!"
Fernando Sanchez, Mexico
"I am loving every minute of being in South Africa. My favourite sight so far has been the Soccer City Stadium in Soweto - it is breathtakingly beautiful!"

- Compiled by Samona Murugan

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