Mar 2008




Last year a number of people failed their matric exams. Because the new curriculum was introduced this year, they cannot re-write their exams while attending school like normal pupils do. 

But all is not lost for them. There is help through the Department of Education’s Senior Certificate Assistance Support Programme. 

Four-year chance

If you failed matric in 2007 or if you are doing Grade 12 part-time on the old curriculum, the programme gives you an opportunity to re-write your exams up to 2011. 

This is a four-year chance to get a matric certificate based on the old curriculum. After 2011, no Grade 12 exams will be based on the old curriculum. This means if you have failed and miss this opportunity, you will have to complete Grade 12 studying new subjects under the new curriculum.

All provinces

The support programme is available in all the provinces. If you join, you will have to attend classes on Saturdays. If you live in Limpopo, you must attend classes on Friday afternoons, as well as Saturday mornings.Different subjects will be taught and you will get teaching support materials like study notes and exam papers from previous years.

The subjects you can take include Accounting, Agriculture, Biology, Business Economics, Economics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physical Science and two official languages, as well as Afrikaans and English at second-language level.

Exams under the old curriculum will be written in May and June of every year, from May 2008 to May 2011. 

Opens doors

Learners are encouraged to make use of this opportunity before it is too late. For those who were taught under the old system, it will be difficult after 2011. Under the new system they will have to start learning in a totally different way because of the outcomes-based nature of the new curriculum. 

It is also important to get your senior certificate as soon as pos-sible, because it can open doors for your personal development and further learning at universities and colleges. If you do not get your senior certificate while you have the opportunity, you risk the chance of never being able to study at a university or college. 

- Muzi Mkhwanazi








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