Mar 2008


Education is the right choice
I am 34 years old and I never wrote my final matric exam. My girlfriend was pregnant and I left school to find greener pastures. It was hard without adequate education, no work experience and no skills. I could only get a job as a petrol attendant.
Then I registered for ABET and got my senior certificate. Let us not put our problems ahead of our futures. The world is full of choices and chances. Education is the right choice. 
- Mahlomola Piet Tseisi , Bothaville, Free State


Life is too short to live with regrets
I was shocked by a 19-year old girl with three kids who is now carrying the fourth one. I wonder if this girl lacks knowledge or is she just doing it for the sake of getting a child support grant. My plea to young girls out there is to stop being baby-making machines. So, wake up girls, don't destroy your future. Life is too short to live with regrets. 
- Charles Twala, Barberton, Mpumalanga


Child-support grants not for personal needs
It is most regrettable that some people use the child support grant for their own personal needs. When they apply, the impression is given that the grant will benefit the child. But as soon as it is approved, they use the money to buy alcohol, clothes, drugs, or new hairstyles and neglect their children. Children are not a means to financial gain, fraudulently or otherwise, but a gift from God who need our love and care.
- Masheme Makoatsane, Mohlakeng, Gauteng


Parents are the primary educators
It is not always easy, but parents must tell their children the truth about changes in their bodies when they grow up. This must not only be the responsibility of teachers in the classroom. They should also not learn from their peers; they may receive wrong information, criticism and pressure. 
Parents are the primary educators and they must give first-hand information to their children. I ask every parent to correct this situation before it is too late.- Simon Malele, Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga


Don't just talk, ACT
I like the term that says "Act Against Crime". We will be saying 'Stop Crime' on radio, TV and in newspapers, but criminals don't read newspapers; they wrap stolen goods with them. They don't listen to or watch radio and TV, but steal them and sell them. If we see someone stealing, we must pick up the phone and dial 08600 1011. Let's stop talking, and ACT. Actions are better than words.- Mmakhumo Jaola, Mafikeng, North West


Learners, be careful
I was once a victim of crime at my school. I appeal to government to have a special operation of policemen visiting schools from time to time, especially schools in informal settlements. 
Most of the learners who are involved in crime are those who work hand in glove with the criminals who are not learners. Learners who are friends with criminals look for other learners who carry valuable goods like cell phones, then they inform the criminals. These students are robbed on their way home. Learners must be more careful and stop carrying valuables to school.
- Proman Gumede, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


Take care after finishing a jail sentence
I write this letter to appeal to all those who received parole and to those who came out of jail after finishing their sentences. Please guys take care. Be drug free, because your brains are the headquarters of your body and soul. Don't lie, because you'll have to lie again to cover up that lie and you won't stop lying.
Have some task that you can devote your energy to. Plant vegetables and people will buy from you. Take care of cents; rands will take care of themselves. Give women love and respect, children will see you as a great father. Walk proud and smile; somebody, somewhere will smile back at you and your burdens will seem lighter. 
- Nkosinathi Mahanjana, King Williams Town, Eastern Cape


Change your criminal lives
If you murder or hurt someone, remember that he or she is the loved one of his or her family like you are to your family. If you steal, murder, rape or rob, imagine how much pain and loss you cause to the families and loved ones of your victims.
What goes around comes around. I assure you that life has a way of revenging the cruel things you did to others. Remember all the special people in your life that you love. Imagine them as victimised like your victims. If you change your criminal life, you will be doing good things like reducing crime, protecting your future victims and improving your country. 
- Klaas Matlou, Mabathlane, Limpopo

Change to energy-saving light bulbs: they last longer and use less electricity

Switch off lights, fans or heaters when no-one is in the room

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