May 2007



You have to move away from your comfort zone

I am a 21-year old youth who never accepted the spoon-feeding system of waiting for someone to do things for me. My matric year was very hard due to family and financial problems, but I passed with excellent results that qualified me to go to university.

Finance was a problem but due to having goals of becoming something in the future, I obtained information and got help.

In short, pushing yourself to areas you thought you could never reach due to your environment and attitude, will always get noticed and opportunities will be there. Problems must be changed into challenges.

You have to deal with problems to grow as a person. There are things that happen between your vision and your goal. But you have to have inspiration, perseverance and knowledge; you have to move away from your comfort zone if you want to succeed. Use your background as a source of inspiration and motivation.

- B.E. Maswanganyi, Soweto, Gauteng

Don't lose your dreams

I am a 16-year old teenager and I have a dream that keeps me clean and away from drugs. It is my dream of becoming an engineer one day. The drug market in South Africa is growing every day - young people turn to drugs for comfort, but drugs only add to their problems! I don't judge people who use drugs, because I don't know what they are going through. We are all born neither good nor bad, it's just that some of us have lost our way and our dreams.

- Kgally Mashaba, Kuruman, Northern Cape

Report Crimes

People tend not to report certain crimes, saying "it's the police's duty, they are paid for it". There are certain crimes you can combat by stopping those around you. Often the police may not know what happened behind closed doors, but will only discover it later. Please, fellow South Africans, let’s unite and report crime.

- Isaac Leope, Mamelodi East, Gauteng

Respect Your Teachers

Today, no one wants to be a teacher, because teaching is the most difficult job. Why are we as learners making it so difficult? Some teachers are so stressed because of us; they die of heart attacks because we don't listen, we don't respect them. What about the coming generation? Who is going to teach them? Please, let's think about others who are willing to learn, who know what they want for their future.  They suffer because of stubborn noise-makers while teachers try their best to teach.

- T Diphas, Bizana, Eastern Cape

A Bright Future

After reading in Vuk'uzenzele that to be born poor doesn't mean you have to die poor, I decided to get up and use my mind. I said to myself I’m going to fight poverty and go on with my computer studies.
I thank Vuk’uzenzele for letting me get up and smell the fresh air to a bright future.

- Dipuo Mogale, Douglas, Northern Cape

A Blessing

It is a blessing to all the countries of Africa to have one of their fellow countries elected a member (non-permanent) of the Security Council of the United Nations. It shows that they have confidence in our country to help maintain international peace and security. South Africa is a strong country and I think her voice will carry weight when disputes are settled. At last there is an African country that will represent the whole of Africa. Good luck South Africa.

- Mophelanosi, Meadowlands, Gauteng

Take Responsibility

I'm sick of people who just make babies and end up abandoning or leaving them with grandmothers. When senior citizens retire, they are supposed to enjoy the fruits of their past labour and the contribution they made to the country, instead of being the ones to take care of the little ones. We must take a stand and stop the ongoing trend of single mothers in our society. We must stop the increasing burden to government's child-support grants.

- Consolation Masoka, Heilbron, Free State

Be Their Heroes and Protectors

It's our responsibility as parents to ensure the safety of our families. But what if the same person who is supposed to protect his family, beats up his wife and abuses his own children? Violence and abuse are often caused by drugs and alcohol. If we can say no to drugs, our families will be safer. So, guys, let’s take off our boxing gloves and say good bye to drugs and alcohol and start saying hallo to our lovely children and partners. We will be their heroes and protectors.

- Thabang Mogale, Ga-Mathabatha, Limpopo

Take opportunities

I am a 19-year old guy in high school and I have had enough of people who don't take opportunities that are available. They just say "there are no jobs." Many youths who have finished school stay at home watching the sun rise and wait for the job they want. Please, guys, let's take opportunities, because one opportunity may give you the experience to get the job you really want. Always remember the word 'Vuk'uzenzele'!

- Joseph Mpakhane, ThabaNchu, Free State

Youth, This Is Our Time

Youth, it is time to make our dreams come true. The future belongs to us who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Remember, an uninspired hunter, even when using the best weapon, cannot hope to be successful. It is our time, let us be proud of our country, let us be inspired and dream to be successful!

- K.H. Magabani, Burgersfort, Mpumalanga

Don't Blame Yourself

Fraud victims typically feel overwhelmed by shame, guilt, embarrassment and self-directed anger. Don’t blame yourself. You are the victim; the blame rests on the person who conned you. If you have made a mistake, admit it to yourself and then move on with your life. Do not conclude that you are stupid. Remember that swindlers successfully defraud highly intelligent people - heads of state, bank managers, executives, finance managers and attorneys.

- Olebogeng Othibeng, Mafikeng, North West

Let's fight AIDS Together

What have we done so far to reduce the risk of HIV and Aids? It is not by virtue of love or choice to be HIV positive. It’s through our unhealthy, unprotected sexual behaviour. Let’s fight this cruel disease together.

- Limpo Mohapi, Welkom, Free State

Violent Children

We are living in a very violent society and what is even more frightening is that the perpetrators of violence are getting ever younger. What went wrong? What is it that makes our children two-faced angels at home and monsters elsewhere? Parents are duped and believe that their children are respectful and obedient. They are shocked when their little angels are involved in the kind of violence that we see in our schools. What kind of sick society do we live in where kids see violence as entertainment?

- F.R. Moloto, Tafelkop, Limpopo

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