Sept 2007



A life of crime is not worthwhile

I am a concerned teenager because our youth is so easily tempted by crime. We see people driving nice cars, wearing smart clothes and living fancy lives and we want to be in their shoes. But it’s no use wanting to live like them when we don’t know how they got there. We end up taking short cuts in life just to live the fast life, but these are the things that mislead us. Speed kills. Guys, we have a great future lying ahead of us. There is no rush.

Good things come to those who wait and your time is coming. There are lots of opportunities and if you work hard anything can be achieved. It is okay to dream big. Your dreams can come true if you believe in yourself, have a plan and don’t leave your education behind. Please remember that a life of crime is just not worthwhile.

- SM Ziqubu, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Alcohol is not a solution

Thanks for writing about the dangers of alcohol abuse. How many people have not died unnecessarily on our roads due to drunk drivers? How many young people turn to alcohol because it seems “fashionable”? Brothers and sisters, alcohol is NOT a solution to your problems. Alcohol abuse is not fashionable at all! You don’t need alcohol in your body to solve any problems.

- Charles Pule Siwendi, Sebokeng, Gauteng.

Seek help for alcoholism

The most devastating thing about alcoholism is that it affects family and friends as much as the alcoholic. It is commonly accepted that every alcoholic affects at least 16 other people’s lives -whether they are family, friends or colleagues at work. The sad thing is that many people living with alcoholism are not aware that help is available from organisations like Al-Anon and AA in South Africa. So, if someone’s drinking is a concern to you, seek help right now!

- Thulo Tshowane, Windsor East,Gauteng

Take pride in our anthem

I am concerned about our country’s people. If you watch TV you’ll see that in countries like Britain, the USA, France and Australia, people are passionate about their national anthem and they respect it. When you watch soccer in South Africa, some people smoke, drink or sit down and talk when the anthem is playing. It is time we teach our people the importance of our anthem and to take pride in it; we fought for it to be changed, now we’re the ones who don’t respect our very own national anthem.

- NTR, Cradock, Eastern Cape

We need ubuntu

South Africans have been through many difficult situations in the past, irrespective of race or gender. Nowadays life is better for most, but there are still those suffering because of poverty, HIV and Aids, crime, unemployment and other difficult situations.
We need “ubuntu” to fight all these negative things. Let’s all take part in the fight by uniting, caring and loving one another, so that the whole world may see the beautiful rainbow nation.

- Frans Motlau, Soshanguve, Gauteng

To eat, you must work

To eradicate poverty, you must first swallow your pride. Since the introduction of RDP, people are no longer willing to work. All they want are free things! Take action, sisters and brothers. Before you eat, you must first work. Don’t fold your hands and wait for government. You will reap what you sow.

- Maselokela Mashita, Seshego, Limpopo

2010 - our time is now

It is time for us as South Africans to wake up and do it for ourselves before we lose the opportunities ahead. Remember the Sotho proverb "kwekwe ya morao a tloha le sepolo", which means do things in time or lose the opportunity. So our time to prepare for 2010 is now. Let us prove to other nations that Africa can and will, because 2010 is a golden opportunity, not only for South Africa, but for the whole African continent.

- Selhaba Makafu, Bethlehem, Free State

Aim high, dream big

Taking responsibility for your own future and fighting to succeed isn't an easy road. But I say, please whatever the challenges you face, never quit. The life we want isn't going to fall from the sky right into our laps unless we work hard and make things happen. I want to say:
Life is a gift, accept it;
Life is a duty, perform it;
Life is a journey, complete it;
Life is a promise fulfil it.
So, never quit, aim high, dream big.

-Gloria Napo, Tafelkop, Limpopo

Ex-convicts fight crime

Being in prison doesn't mean nothing will come out of you. I am an ex-convict who is fighting crime by conducting crime prevention awareness programmes.
To all ex-convicts out there, let's help the nation with strong and sustained community interventions focused on crime prevention. The nation needs your help as well as your experience. Inmates, come together and form focus groups against crime. We are trained in different skills, let's use them and get a life!

- Mncedisi Pole, Alice, Eastern Cape

Making life easier

Thank you for an accessible magazine as a resource at the disposal of South Africans to make their lives easier.
I am a 20-year old man making the best of my poor background. I am using the little I have to improve my chances of succeeding in this big, bad world. Life has really been a lesson to me, and I am surviving!
We do not choose what happens to us, but we have control over what lies ahead. Problems and challenges will come, but be a victor, not a victim or a coward.

- Tshepo Gaerupe, Ganyesa, North West

Educate yourselves

I am a 29-year old, jobless woman with two kids to feed. When I read Sifiso Kumalo's letter, I felt a bit more motivated. Thank you Vuk'uzenzele for making me not lose hope. I do believe one day I will get a job and be able to feed my children. But I want to tell other Vuk'uzenzele readers not to start by having babies, but to educate themselves first and then get good jobs.

- Rose M Phosholi, Soweto

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