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There is a shortage of trained teachers in South Africa, especially for subjects like maths and science. One way government is encouraging young people to study teaching is by giving them bursaries.

The Fundza Lushaka Bursary Programme gives preference to students from rural areas and to those who want to train in priority subjects where teachers are scarce. These include mathematics, science, technology, English and other South African languages, as well as teaching in the lower grades. This year, about 3 000 students got bursaries. In 2008, even more will be available.

Government schools

The programme gives bursaries to students studying for a BA degree in Education or a postgraduate Certificate in Education. It will also give bursaries to students who are in their final year of a straight BA degree with one of the scarce subjects as a major, and who plan to register for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

The bursaries are not for students studying for the Advanced Certificate in Education.

Students studying through Fundza Lushaka must teach at a government school in their province when they complete their studies. They also have to teach for the number of years they have received the bursary

Students who received their bursaries for four years of study, must teach at government schools for four years. After that, they may choose other schools.Students who fail their studies, or do not teach at government schools, or leave a teaching post before the end of the agreed service period, must pay back the money.Students who already have other bursaries may give up these bursaries or take a reduced Fundza Lushaka bursary.


A Fundza Lushaka bursary pays for all the student’s main expenses. These include course fees, accommodation, books, and monthly living expenses.

How to apply

To get a Fundza Lushaka bursary, you must meet the college or university’s admission criteria, as well as the Fundza Lushaka bursary selection criteria.

To find out more or to get an application form, contact your nearest college or university and ask for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme.

- Ndivhuwo Khangale

Do you want to become a teacher and work for a government school? If you are from a rural area and want to teach, the Fundza Lushaka Bursary Programme is for you. It was started this year to encourage young people to study teaching.

For more information, contact the Department of Education 080 020 2933 or call 1020.

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