Aug 2021 1st edition

New app is ScamProof

Written by Sphelele Ngubane

A new app has been developed to help people determine if a job opportunity is a scam and if tertiary education facilities are registered. Self-taught programmer Anathi Mseleni has developed the ScamProof app.

A self-taught computer programmer has developed an app for people to detect scams and help prevent human trafficking. 

Anathi Mseleni (24), from Diepsloot in Gauteng, recently made the ScamProof app available on the Google Play Store for download.

Fascinated by the use of technology to solve social problems, Mseleni became concerned when he realised that many youth lack awareness of scams and register at bogus colleges or fall for fake jobs as a result.

“People are scammed of their money or kidnapped by people who advertise fake jobs. I wanted to build a platform where they can report scams and make others aware of them,” he says.

The app enables users to report scams from across the country and to check if tertiary institutions are registered.

“The app is free to use and open for the public to comment on. I cover all of the operational costs. No one is hired to report scams, the app uses information from the public,” says Mseleni.

Users can search a company’s name, address, email address or contact number, and the app will display results if the company has already been flagged as a scam.

“Not all scams have been reported on the app, which is a disadvantage, but more will appear as they are reported by members of the public,” he explains.

Mseleni also wants companies across the country to register as safe zones on ScamProof. When women do not feel safe, they can go to these premises and will be able to get directions to the safe zone from the app.

Mseleni, who didn’t study programming, says he enjoys solving problems and coming up with new ideas.

“I started learning how to code in 2016, when I was 19. I was passionate about coding and taught myself using books, YouTube videos and online coding forums,” he says.

ScamProof can be downloaded from the Google Play Store .

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