Jul 2020 2nd Edition

Young farmer receives COVID-19 support

Written by Silusapho Nyanda

An emerging Eastern Cape farmer is one of the beneficiaries of government’s Coronavirus Relief Fund. Nomagcinandile Suduka has converted her family’s subsistence farm into a small business.

Nomagcinandile Suduka (27) is growing her family’s legacy and wealth by investing in agriculture. 

The owner of 4 U and 4 Me Primary Cooperative in Mooiplaas village received support from the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Relief Fund for her egg, livestock and vegetable farm.

The department has awarded R1.2 billion worth of vouchers to farmers in need. 

Suduka says her vouchers will help her grow the egg producing side of her business. “I received three vouchers totalling R19 000. A voucher for R12 000 to buy layer egg chickens, a voucher for R6 500 to buy feed and a R500 voucher to buy medicines.”

She started her egg production farm by feeding her family’s traditional chickens with layer grower feed, which enables them to produce eggs without mating. Her chickens now produce 50 eggs a day, which she sells weekly.

Suduka, who also farms with 73 goats, 25 sheep and 25 cows, started farming in 2015 after obtaining a Public Management N6 Certificate from Ikhala Training and Vocational Education and Training College. After realising that there were not a lot of job opportunities out there, she decided to take over the family’s then subsistence farm and turn it into a profitable business.

Suduka says: “We grew up practising farming, so after graduating I decided to farm rather than look for a job.” 

This proved to be an inspired decision, as she has grown the number of goats and cows. 

Suduka’s six-hectare vegetable farm produces maize, potatoes, peas and beans. The maize is planted on four hectares, the potatoes on one hectare and the peas and beans share the last hectare.

Suduka has learnt a lot from COVID-19, especially that her best assets are her hands and hard work.  

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