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One of government's main priorities over the next five years, is to provide better healthcare for all South Africans. To achieve this goal, many health facilities throughout the country will be getting a face lift. The Department of Health has identified a number of facilities that will be upgraded to bring them in line with national health standards.

Six priority areas where improvements can be made within the country's healthcare sector were identified.

These include ensuring the safety of patients, preventing and controlling infections, improving the availability of medicines, reducing waiting times for patients, improving cleanliness and creating a positive and caring attitude among health workers.

So far, 514 projects in the public sector and 137 quality improving projects in the private sector have been started. An important part of the campaign will be to improve the skills of healthcare workers throughout the system. About 60 percent of complaints received by the Health Professions Council of South Africa is not about clinical care but, about poor skills, poor management and attitudes of staff.

"We will build on what already exists, invest in sharing lessons across a learning network and empower supervisors and managers to be able to coach and mentor those they support," said Deputy Health Minister, Dr Molefi Sefularo.

- BuaNews

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