Mar 2019 2nd Edition

CPF makes Lenasia’s streets safe

Written by: Silusapho Nyanda

The Lenasia Community Policing Forum (CPF) was recently awarded for being the best CPF in Gauteng.

The crime fighters’ dedication has ensured a drop in crime in Lenasia Extensions 1 to 13, Thembelihle and Waterworks.

The Lenasia CPF’s chairperson Ebrahim Asvat said it has successfully combatted crimes such as robberies and hijackings in these areas, where the 540 member-strong team maintains vigilance at all times.Members of the Lenasia CPF led by their chairperson Ebrahim Asvat, received the award for the best CPF in Gauteng.

“We have successfully dropped the number of hijackings in the area,” he said.

The CPF does more than just patrol. Asvat said it runs several awareness campaigns, especially on what community members should do when they are aware of domestic abuse. “We have a victim empowerment centre. We also offer counselling and support activities in the community,” he said.

The CPF is also tackling gender-based violence crimes such as rape.

“We are aware of women who went to the shebeen and were raped when they left. We started awareness campaigns at shebeens and drinking houses, where we tell women that they shouldn’t be alone, but should rather stay in groups or make sure that someone stays with them,” said Asvat.

He added that there had been a 30 to 40 percent drop in overall crimes committed in the Lenasia CBD. The CPF, which acts as the police’s eyes and ears in the community, says it reports crimes to the police when they happen.

 The CPF’s slogan is partners in policing. “We have a very good relationship with the police. At a crime scene, we just secure the scene and let the police do their work and they make the arrests,” he said. 

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