Apr 2020 1st Edition

Grow the economy, buy local

By supporting products and services made on home soil, South Africans will be able to help grow the economy.

Buying locally manufactured products will ensure that the money spent by citizens stays in the country.

It will also assist the country to realise its dream of growing the economy, safeguarding jobs and creating more jobs for those who are unemployed.

This is according to Proudly South African Chief Executive Officer Eustace Mashimbye. Proudly SA is the country’s only official buy local campaign. It serves interests of all local manufacturers and producers in the country.

“If South African buyers choose to purchase products and services that are locally produced and rendered, we will be able to grow the economy and create much-needed jobs,” he says.

He says when people buy a product or use a service that is imported into the country when a local alternative exists, they are in fact jeopardising local jobs.

Everyone has a role to play in turning the economy around, he believes.

In an effort to make locally manufactured products accessible to consumers, Mashimbye says Proudly SA is a partner in the rsamade.co.za initiative. This e-commerce website gives South African manufacturers the opportunity to advertise their products to local and global consumers.

Merchants are also able to display their locally manufactured products on the website, which enables them to reach a much larger retail field.

Mashimbye encourages local manufacturers and entrepreneurs to consider establishing partnerships with strategic buyers. “This will enable your business to expand, whether it is through giving you more exposure, linking you with more opportunities or both of you creating a product or initiative that can benefit you in the long run,” he says.

He says Proudly SA continues to form partnerships with industry bodies, associations and corporates that fund or support initiatives which benefit local manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

You can visit www.rsamade.co.za or www.proudlysa.co.za to buy locally manufactured products contact 078 584 8432 or email info@rsamade.co.za for enquiries.  

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